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BLOG: The Voice Of The FAN – Ray Lewis Speaks And Stover Retires


Welcome back to the Voice Of The FAN Blog, where your friendly neighborhood web guy/sports nerd reports on the issues people in Baltimore are talking about…and maybe more importantly, typing about – on Facebook, Twitter, texts messages, the comments on this very web site and yes, the occasional note tied around a brick & heaved through the window here at the 105.7 The FAN broadcasting complex. In other words: what YOU actually think. Not what the sportscasters tell you to think or what "experts" think you should think – but the real opinions of real Baltimoreans who spend real money on real tickets & sometimes get real mad (or real ecstatic) at what their favorite teams & players do. FANs.


Last week Ravens legendary MLB Ray Lewis got national attention for his comments on the NFL lockout & its possible impact on society when he said: "Do this research. If we don't have a season, watch how much evil, which we call it crime, watch how much crime picks up when you take away our game…" Original story HERE.

Baltimore fans are used to absorbing the insults & chides from other fans about Ray's past. It's alright, we know it's all they have to say about perhaps the greatest MLB of all time. Baltimore knows what he did wasn't good, we also know what he didn't do and what kind of man & leader he has become in the aftermath of that horrific night in Atlanta. But, redemption & maturity stories have no place in NFL Smack Talk. We get it.

Bottom-line, Ravens fans (for the most part) love Ray & his idiosyncrasies. So, I wanted to take a look at what you, actual Ravens fans, were saying about his latest comments and the overall attention it generated. Buckle up your chin scraps & let's take a look.


We asked the FANs on the 105.7 The FAN Facebook page what they thought about Ray's comments and here is what some said:

Amy Rush maybe he was thinking if there is no season imagine how many employees each stadium has that many people without jobs looking for ways to support their familys

…and more

Brian Pember Jr. I think Ray could punch me in the face and call me a ***** and I would still think he is infallible. The comments really just tell you that he understands how important football is to people

John Merbach I think he is a idiot for saying something stupid. If you don't go shopping everyday crime is going up.

Laura Kuhlman Metheny He might be right. Now all those football players have nothing to do but get into trouble!!!!!!

Jean Peterson Tepelides Right after the playoff loss to the Steelers he said "C'mon people it is just a game. There's real life out there." But now he is saying that people live through this team...kind of contradicts himself doesn't he?

Rick Friedel Nobody would be wanting to hug him if he didn't play football. Thats the bottom line! And by the way…he's against the 18 game schedule which would keep crime lower for 2 more weeks according to his visions.

The opinions really run the gamut, but they are all impassioned (or funny) and reflect the diversity of strong opinions from Ravens fans. Ask a question – get an answer, as true for NFL players as NFL fans. Easy, Right?


Another Super Bowl winning Raven icon was in the news this week. Matt Stover came home to roost at Owings Mills and announce his "Official" retirement from the NFL. No controversy on the man who kicked the Ravens to a Lombardi trophy – just admiration, thanks & best wishes…

John Morris: Money Matt Stover!

Terry Aylsworth: He was the offense!

Russell Kletter III: He wasn't a kicker, he was THE kicker

Elaine Happel: ‎...# 3 on my jersey, # 1 in my heart!!!

Wil Bruchey: He will be missed



In the midst of a lockout that is alienating a good portion of NFL fans & a (promising?) O's season the NFL still made most of the headlines in Baltimore this week – Ray, Stover, Players Practice @ Towson U. - Baltimore still looks like a football town. Hopefully the NFL owners & players realize what they are risking in this billionaire vs. millionaire stare-down and give the fans real news to comment on soon.

...and many thanks to all the fans who post their real thoughts (whatever they may be) and participate in our discussions!


Want to get on-board & be heard? Got a suggestion for a topic?

Leave a comment below, join us on FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER, text us at THEFAN (843326), or just get your twine & brick ready…and don't worry – we dont take off 4 speling or gramm3r - we just listen to you.

Chris Speer – 105.7 The Fan Web Guy/Social Media Editor/Staff Writer

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