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Big changes in Baltimore City Council now official with certification of primary election results

Baltimore City primary elections now certified. Here are the winners.
Baltimore City primary elections now certified. Here are the winners. 02:14

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City's Board of Elections certified results from the primary election with four new members of the council and a new city council president picked.

No race was more tightly contested than District 11.

In seemingly a "David versus Goliath" upset, political newcomer Zac Blanchard has officially defeated Baltimore City Council heavyweight Eric Costello in the District 11 race.

Blanchard says he received hundreds of texts after Costello conceded last week.

"When everyone else is surprised, you start to feel a little surprised yourself," Blanchard said.

Blanchard used the city's new public financing system to challenge Costello, who was backed by an endorsement from Maryland Gov. Wes Moore.

"We were down a little less, then a little more, then took the lead last Tuesday," Blanchard said. "It felt like we were watching a tennis match in slow motion, ya know?"

That slow-motion tennis match on Tuesday morning came to a close in just about five minutes when the city's Board of Elections officially certified the results of the primary, making Blanchard's win, among others, official.

Mayor Brandon Scott is officially the Democratic nominee for re-election.

Zeke Cohen officially defeated incumbent Nick Mosby in the Democratic race for Baltimore City Council President. 

Jermaine Jones beat incumbent Robert Stokes in District 12 and Paris Gray won the nomination for District 8.

The Baltimore City Council promises to look different.

"It'll look very different," Gray said. "There were some stalwarts that were there that will no longer be there. We have a lot more youth coming in."

Gray replaces his former boss, Kristerfer Burnett.

Gray and Blanchard say opportunities for youth are a priority.

"Giving our youth the resources they need, whether it's through mentorship or anti-violence," Gray said.

"Making it easier for bikes and scooters and pedestrians and everyone to get around the district, which is the geographic center of the city, is something that's going to be really beneficial for folks in our district, as well as folks citywide," Blanchard added.

In his concession, Councilman Costello said he's committed to finishing out his term and working hard for his constituents.

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