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BGE To Commemorate 200th Anniv. With Maryland-Themed Murals

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In celebration of its 200th anniversary, BGE is creating what could be iconic landmarks for the city.

Marcus Washington with more on what's being done and who it will honor--both in Baltimore and in Maryland.

Three of the company's gas storage tanks will have giant murals painted on them. It's sure to be eye-catching for anyone traveling down I-95.

They are big, round and white. That's about all you can say about BGE's gas storage tanks seen from Sky Eye Chopper 13 off I-95 just past I-395.

But that will soon change, with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of one of the oldest gas and electric companies in the county.

"This is something that is going to be around for a long time," said Christopher Durban, BGE creative director.

Each one of the tanks stands more than 100 feet high. Right now, the painters are putting the base coat on. Once they're done, a painter from Philadelphia will come and illustrate each of the decorative iconic images of Maryland blue crabs, horses and the Star Spangled Banner.

"Painting the tanks is part of our normal corrosion control and maintenance program. And so, we were looking at that and saying we have to do this anyway, why not take the opportunity to celebrate our hometown, celebrate Maryland and celebrate our anniversary," said Aaron Koos, BGE spokesman.

"The most rewarding part will be when it's all finished and people living close by in the community can come out of their front doors and say, 'Wow, that's great. That's so much nicer than the tanks we had there before," said Durban.

The project is scheduled for completion by June of this year--just in time for the 200th anniversary of BGE.

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