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Best Zoos And Aquariums In Baltimore

Led by the National Aquarium in Baltimore, these zoos and aquariums are nationally and internationally known.  Animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts have plenty of places around Baltimore to get close to the animal kingdom.
National Aquarium In Baltimore

National Aquarium In Baltimore

501 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202

With level upon level of tanks and aquatic wildlife, the National Aquarium in Baltimore is one of Baltimore's proudest tourist attractions.  Visiting the National Aquarium makes you feel like you are swimming alongside the most extravagant and majestic creatures of the planet.  A perfect location for family and children of all ages, the National Aquarium has numerous exhibits and attractions.  During your visit make sure to watch a 4-D movie, enjoy a dolphin show and watch jellyfish float around you.  Located right along the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium in Baltimore always creates a splash.

Maryland Zoo In Baltimore -  Panamanian golden frog

Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

Druid Hill Park
Baltimore, MD 21217

Bring the little ones out to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore for an adventure they will never forget.  Visit the zoo residents from mammals and birds, to reptiles and amphibians.  Check the Maryland Zoo website for time and information of the zoo's activities and stations.  You can get close to giraffes at the giraffe feeding station, brush African Pygmy and Nubian goats and meet and talk with live animal ambassadors.  It is always a jungle out there at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve Zoo

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve Zoo

13019 Catoctin Furnace Road
Thurmont, MD 21788
301-271- 3180

Nestled in the Catoctin Mountains live exotic wildlife from the island of Madagascar and the plains of Africa.  With over 1,000 animals representing over 300 species, the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve Zoo in Thurmont, Md. gives visitors a unique opportunity to get close to creatures from afar.  Visit on weekends for a safari adventure covering 25 wooded acres.  The Global Wildlife Safari Ride also allows riders to take photos and feed the animals as they come close to the truck.  Make the trip out to Western Maryland and you will get to see and interact with creatures from around the world.

Salisbury Zoo

Salisbury Zoo

755 South Park Drive
Salisbury, MD 21802

The Salisbury Zoo feels like a park-like setting, but instead of pigeons, parrots and other tropical birds chirp around visitors.  Walk along the Delmarva Trail and get close to the native species of the Delmarva Peninsula.  Native plants provide a unique landscape and feel to the zoo amongst the diverse animal habitats.  The Salisbury Zoo features animals and species native to the Americas, but currently, plans are under way for an Australian exhibit.  Get close to nature and help with the Salisbury Zoo's efforts in raising awareness for the endangered species living close to home.

Plumpton Park Zoo

Plumpton Park Zoo

1416 Telegraph Road
Rising Sun, MD 21911

With more than 200 animals, guests to the Plumpton Park Zoo will notice that a small zoo has a big heart and love for animals.  The Plumpton Park Zoo recently reopened under new ownership, but the animals and local residents of Cecil County could not be happier.  The camels, bison, alligators, monkeys and apes had recent renovations done to their homes and they are ready to see smiling faces.  Come out to the Plumpton Park Zoo on a field trip, to celebrate a birthday, but above all else, to have a fun time.

Insect Zoo

1901 Ridgetop Road
Carrie Murray Outdoor Education Campus
Baltimore, MD 21207

Sometimes they have six legs, sometimes they have eight, but most of the time, you just want to get away from them. We're talking about insects and spiders. Good news…now it's our turn to go to their house and visit. Rest assured however, that all of the residents are safely encased in glass tanks or cages. That alone makes being up close to them rather intriguing. Take a tour with a professional bug-rustler, or entomologist, and see displays and exhibits filled with cockroaches, spiders, flies, and a variety of other insects. You'll hear a detailed explanation of ways in which insects benefit the world around us, including crafts made from bugs!

By Lance Duvall

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