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Best Pre-Show Dining In Baltimore

By Sophie Vinograd

A night out at a concert or an evening at the theater is one of the most enjoyable opportunities to take advantage of in Baltimore. Offering a large range of venues, from dirty punk clubs to the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, and theaters from the IMAX to the historic Charles Theater, you'll never be at a loss for a cultured nightlife--no matter which culture you choose to indulge in. But staying awake for these events that can take you far into the night requires sustenance, and Baltimore has plenty of hot spots for chowing down pre-show. We rounded up our favorite locales for getting food en route to your theater of choice.
1/18 Food & Drink - Pre-Show Dining - Tapas Teatro
(credit: Tapas Teatro)

Tapas Teatro could not be more perfect for a pre-theater meal. Located right beside the historic Charles Theater, you can linger at your table just a little longer than you normally would since your destination is only footsteps away. Tapas Teatro offers small plates of big taste, with Mediterranean inspired tapas to keep your belly from grumbling during the show. Another treat at Tapas Teatro for a limited time is the $10 pitchers of sangria, $10 select small plates, and $10 select cocktails. So feel free to be a foodie, get a little boozy, and head safely to your show.

1/18 Food & Drink - Pre-Show Dining - Talara
(credit: Talara)

It may not be kosher to mention two tapas restaurants in a row, but since these small bites hail from the opposite side of the pond, we are sure we're safe. Heading to the movies down in Harbor East? Talara is definitely your spot. Offering South American and South Beach-inspired cocktails, ceviches and tapas, Talara is just a couple of storefronts down from the Landmark Harbor East Cinema so you can salsa yourself off to a flick after polishing off some top-notch mojitos. What makes this such a prime theater spot is the late night happy hour from 11 p.m. to close, so even if you skip the pre-show meal, you can skip the $10 popcorn and snag some fresh eats when your movie gets out. And it must be mentioned: the key lime mojito and Asian tartare ceviche with tuna are SER-I-OUS-LY two of the yummiest things we've tried in all of Baltimore, so definitely give those a try.

1/18 Food & Drink - Pre-Show Dining - Iggies
(credit: Iggies)

If you're headed to a more casual concert at SideBar, Windup Space, Bourbon Street or one of the many other venues in Mount Vernon, Station North or other hoods that are just a block or two away, Iggies is where you should be headed before the opening act. A pizza joint with all the right ideas, Iggies is part DIY and part BYOB. Ordinarily, Iggie's offers a "cook at home" option that may appeal to you when you decide to entertain at your own house, but since you're out on the town with us, the BYOB aspect is what we love to focus on. Where else can you bring in your own 6-pack or table wine of choice to accompany a delicious savory pie? The menu is short but good, they love dogs, and the vibe is right. Honestly, we can't imagine a more perfect union than beer and pizza.

1/18 Food & Drink - Pre-Show Dining - B&O
(credit: B&O American Brasserie)

Located in the beautiful Hotel Monaco, B&O is a wonderful place to go before you attend a more upscale night out. If the Meyerhoff or Hippodrome are on your agenda, this may be the perfectly creative place to start your night out with the right mindset. B&O offers a bar/lounge with dimly lit ambiance and more insouciant dining experience that may allow you to scamper off to your other obligations without feeling like you're missing the full experience of a formal dinner. If you planned for enough time to enjoy a phenomenal full meal here, then let the games begin! B&O serves up a contemporary American menu, decorated with perfectly executed classic dishes and highlighted additionally by some truly unique gastronomical inventions.

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