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Best Fortune Tellers In Baltimore

Fortune tellers and psychics are sought out for many reasons, and the methods of finding answers or comfort can lie in a variety of approaches. Tarot cards, palm readings, horoscopes or crystal balls, there's no telling which option might reveal the best solutions until you give it a try. But for those unfamiliar with these "other worldly" services, finding a place to start can be half the battle. Some mediums are better tailored for events and parties, whereas others are educationally trained to assist with these spiritual forms of medicine. Whatever your reason, this list will help guide you to the best fortune-telling services available in the Baltimore area.
breathe books

Breathe Bookstore Cafe
810 W. 36th St.
Baltimore, Md. 21211
(410) 235-7323

While Breathe Bookstore Café offers inspirational, soul-satisfying books, gifts and music, the store also regularly hosts workshops and special events where you can find psychic guidance. One such session is every Friday with Tracy Hall Esho, who is both clairvoyant and clairsentient. She uses a mixture of tarot and oracle card readings, palm readings as well as psychometry (which is an energy reading done from a personal object provided) to assist you with your spiritual development. On Saturdays, psychic readings with Jael are available where she connects to the spirit to answer any questions about your life's journey. No matter what you discover during your readings, you'll be certain to find some equally spiritually curious individuals when visiting this bookstore.

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madame mims

Madame` Mims
Burtonsville, Md.
(301) 300-4410

The perfect entertainment for corporate or personal parties, Madame` Mims is a local tarot card reader who provides positivity in a world of great chaos as she counsels others on how to better use their own powerful intuition. Highly recommended due to her professionalism and accommodating nature, she has an amazing ability to deliver sincere readings while still making people of all ages and backgrounds feel comfortable. Madame` Mims also takes time to pay special attention to each person, so that everyone walks away satisfied. Furthermore, the client walks away knowing more about him/herself while gaining helpful, practical information to use moving forward. It's a win-win all around.

gwen mcgregor

Dr. Gwen G. MacGregor
Full Circle Healing Arts
(443) 203-0129

Dr. Gwen is a gifted clairvoyant performing palm and tea leaf readings, past-life regressions, huna or reiki energy balancing and other healing sessions by appointment only. During a palm reading, she will teach you the importance and meanings behind your own palm, fingers, nails and lines of power. Using tarot cards, she can shed new light on your past, present and future life, which can result in a deeper sense of self-awareness and ultimately, finding the insights needed to self-heal. For those unable to travel, phone appointments for most readings and past regressions can also be arranged. (Visit her website to watch a video of a tarot card reading with Dr. Gwen.)

horoscope shop

Horoscope Shop
8056 Main St., Suite 1
Ellicott City, Md. 21043
(410) 461-2908

Aura cleansing, chakra balancing, fortune telling, horoscopes, palm reading, spiritual cleansing, tarot card readings and more – the Horoscope Shop on Upper Main Street in Ellicott City has answers to all of your spiritual questions. With a suite of services plus a variety of healing products like books, candles and crystals, there's something for everyone. Get predictions on all of the topics that keep you up at night, from love and health to finances and career paths. No matter the spiritual journey you're seeking, this shop is committed to helping guide you through the upcoming years.


Spiritual Advisor Center
5926 York Road
Baltimore, Md. 21212

Spiritual Advisor Center has more than 25 years of experience with palm, psychic and tarot card readings to help individuals when it comes to love and relationships. The readings given are truthful, honest and rated as quite accurate. In addition to providing personal insights, this center works to meet the needs of those seeking guidance when facing a tough choice. For first-time clients, visit the website prior to your reading to find out what to expect, how to prepare and the best time to have a reading performed. The spiritual journey is only yours for the making, but these experts can help counsel you along the way.

Keri Ann Beazell is a Baltimore writer following the latest developments in arts and culture, natural wonders, lifestyle and pets. She enjoys promoting thought-provoking discussions, education, new ideas and smiles among readers. Follow her online at

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