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Best Dance Classes For Kids In Baltimore

Just dance. For kids, it really is that simple, and once they get a taste of the fun and magic that is created by dancing, the next step is often wanting to join in a local dance class. As early as 2 years of age, children (with their parents) can start learning the basics of dance, and how music and movement go hand-in-hand. Then once they find the rhythm, there's no limit to the avenues of expression and creativity. Whether it's studying the techniques of ballet, hip hop, tap and jazz or sharing some laughs while participating in a high-energy dance fitness class like Zumba, it quickly becomes obvious that a dancing kid is a happy kid. So let those little feet get moving with these top Baltimore-area dance programs designed for children and teens.
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Baltimore Ballet School
10534 York Road, Suite 201
Cockeysville, Md. 21030
(410) 667-7974

Celebrating 14 years, Baltimore Ballet is well-known for its "The Nutcracker" performance each year that sells out and its state-of-the-art school facilities that offer classes for young children in the art and style of dance. With 4,500 square feet of room, including three large studios with observation windows for parents, the school offers small classes for all ages of children and teens at any level of experience. Students can choose from a curriculum of ballet, jazz, character, modern or tap, and a love of dance is all that is required to get started. Further, every child will have the opportunity to learn from professional dancers what it means to have a career in this art as teachers can share from their personal experiences and education.

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A Step Ahead Dance Center
3615 E. Joppa Road, Suite 220
Baltimore, Md. 21234
(410) 661-1220

From ballet to tap, hip hop, tumbling and more, there is no shortage of dance classes available for kids at A Step Ahead Dance Center. For children ages 3-4, the "Creative Movement" program is the best start to learning the fun, creativity and style that comes along with dance. The next step up is "Kreative Kids" for ages 4-6, which introduces the concepts of ballet and tap, including the importance of balance and poise and how these skills go hand-in-hand with musical coordination. As young dancers progress in skill, there is another level and age group available to accommodate their training until they can advance into the adult programs. A dress code is even required for classes, making every class feel like one step closer towards a successful dance career.

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Baltimore School of Dance
4001 Falls Road
Baltimore, Md. 21211
(410) 790-6742

Budding dance artists need look no further as the Baltimore School of Dance is the place to begin your dreams and even start your dance career. Children will learn both the technical and artistic aspects of dance and can start as young as 2 years old with the ABC's of Dance class. Other classes for kids include beginner/intermediate jazz for ages 7 and older, Chinese folk dance for ages 10 and over, teen ballet or tap for ages 12 and over and Zumba for ages 7 and older. No matter what level or style of dance chosen, you can be assured that every program is led by positive, supportive and knowledgeable teachers who are filled with the love and joy of dance, so much so that is it contagious to their students.

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Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute
1 E. Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, Md. 21202
(410) 234-4626

For the child seeking to express creativity while still learning in-depth technical dance training, the Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute offers a Young Children's Program that is a perfect match. Designed for children ages 3-6, the program offers two different levels of training and classes are held for one hour each week. Kids can start off with creative dance and then move on to the more technical aspects in Introduction to Ballet I and II. By the end of the course, participants will have increased flexibility, rhythmic awareness, strengthened movements and the ability to express themselves through the art of dance.

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Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Baltimore
Park Heights | Harry and Jeanette Weinberg JCC
5700 Park Heights Ave.
Baltimore, Md. 21215
(410) 542-4900

At the JCC of Greater Baltimore, there is something for everyone, and especially for kids who can start learning ballet as young as age 3, hip hop at age 4 and Zumba (or "ZumbAtomics") by age 6. Young children are exposed to dancing basics through games, stories, music and imagination. Some classes also include lunch time so kids and parents can get to know each other better. Additionally, there are dance classes offered for tweens and teens who are looking to make new friends and have a fun time. To find out more details and dates for upcoming dance classes, as well as additional courses at the Owings Mills location, check the program schedule available online.

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