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Belmont Elementary Named One Of 'America's Healthiest Schools'

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore school has been named one of the healthiest schools in the United States.

It was a schoolwide effort, with both students and staff buying into a healthier lifestyle. 355 schools from 23 states earned this honor, with seven of those schools being in Maryland.

It's the second time Belmont Elementary School has been named one of "America's Healthiest Schools" by the Alliance For a Healthier Generation.

"We are really working together to build a healthy school," said Principal Tiffany Etheridge.

They're doing that by providing healthier meals, snacks, and high-quality health and physical education. But Principal Etheridge said it isn't just students who have made changes.

"That means all of us, from adults to children, making healthy choices with our meals, work out frequently, we have a gym here at our school," she said.

A driving factor behind the school's health push is Health and Wellness teacher Coach Donte Samuel.

"One thing that we want to do here at Belmont Elementary is to tell you that your health is your wealth and that health matters," Coach Samuel said.

With charisma and energy, the coach talks to the kids about healthy eating habits and getting moving.

It's one thing to just tell these kids about living a healthier lifestyle, but it's another to make it fun.

"Sometimes after we learn for a couple of minutes we get to play," said student Helena Powell.

"We play basketball, hula hoop, four square," another student added.

The school hopes that will create healthy habits.

"We know that leads to great academics and just being overall healthy students that turn into healthy adults," Principal Etheridge said.

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