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Bel Air Man Who Jumped White House Fence Removed From Court

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- The Maryland man arrested for jumping the White House fence last week was forcefully removed from court after a dramatic outburst Monday afternoon.

Denise Koch reports it came as Dominic Adesanya learned he'd been found incompetent to stand trial.

Twenty-three-year-old Dominic Adesanya became quickly agitated in US District Court Monday after he was found incompetent to stand trial.

"No," he yelled at the judge, "Stop! I don't have a condition."

The judge said, "Sir, please listen to me. I'll start over."

The judge then reiterated that Adesanya would be in the custody of the attorney general for a 45-day period of evaluation and treatment.

Adesanya's disruptive behavior escalated. A US marshal scooped him up and carried him out of the courtroom.

Adesanya screamed, "I'm a targeted individual! This is a trap! This is a scheme! Don't do this to me!"

When marshals forced him through the door behind the judge's bench, the courtroom sat in stunned silence as Adesanya screamed, "Help, help, please! Someone help me, please!"

Adesanya is a former Stevenson University student from Bel Air. WJZ spoke to his father, Victor, who says his son suffers from paranoia and other mental illnesses.

"He's been cutting the walls looking for cameras. He's been trying to get into the attic looking for cameras. He did what he wanted to do and that is to see the president---not to hurt him, but just to talk to the president," said his father.

Now that Adesanya has been deemed incompetent, he may get the treatment his father has been hoping for.

"I want people to give him help rather than just say, `Go back home and we're going to put an ankle bracelet on you.' We can't keep him locked up in that room. He needs treatment," his father said.

Adesanya is due back in federal court on December 22.

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