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Behind Enemy Lines: Brian Hoyer Joins The Scott Garceau Show

Behind Enemy Lines: Brian Hoyer Joins the Scott Garceau Show

Brian Hoyer, quarterback of the Cleveland Browns joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn and Jason La Canfora to preview the Ravens divisional clash with Cleveland. Scott started off with the obvious question, how much does this game mean to the Browns. "I don't think we have much more to say than division game. I think we know the history with Cleveland and Baltimore and the Browns moving to Baltimore, and when I was a kind living here in Cleveland that was heartbreaking. So I know exactly how much it means to this city to play the Baltimore Ravens."

Cleveland was able to pull out a late win against a tough New Orleans Saints team. Brian recapped the late drive to win the game. "It was nice to be able to execute when we really needed too to win the game and get down there to put our kicker Billy Cundiff in range to hit the game winner and piece it together and take it one play at a time. It really worked out for us."

Jeremy was a little tongue and cheek when asking about what the sixth year NFL quarterback was expecting to see. Hoyer believes that he is going to see this weekend from the Ravens. "I think for me our history, not only here but also when I was in New England it seemed like we played the Ravens every year. So you know exactly what you are going to get, you're going to get a smart tough nosed football team. Obviously they have a lot of great players on the inner front seven and in their secondary so we have to be ready for whatever it is and make adjustments."


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