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A Hotel For Bees At Seneca Creek State Park

Gaithersburg, Md.(WJZ) -- Hotel living for insects? It sounds like the plot of a movie, but those insect hotels are being built as a way to preserve the ecosystem.

It's a garden filled with bees -- and all of it, is important to you everyday life, more than you know.

"If you like apples, you want bees. If you like peaches, you want bees," says Maryland master naturalist and volunteer ranger at Seneca Creek State Park, Nick Hughes.

It's not just about apples and peaches, but many useful insects are in danger as people use insecticides in their home gardens.

"Basically, if you have an insecticide, it's designed to kill insects; bees are insects," says Hughes.

At Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, volunteer ranger Nick Hughes is on a mission to attract more bees, Blue Orchard Mason Bees specifically.

He's hoping to give local bees who don't live in hives a more organic place to pollinate.

"We've set up a pair of pollinator hotels. These are designed to provide nesting for pollinators, specifically bees," said Hughes.

The "pollinator hotels" are blocks of all-natural raw wood with holes drilled in them. The bees go in, lay their eggs, and when they hatch, they come out. This is a habitat for any other insect in the area. There's event a bundle of sticks that is essentially a hotel for lady bugs.

The mission is to help pollinate and help reproduce the beauty of nature. Many guests get to experience them at Seneca Creek and other state parks in the state.

"It's a place for people, it's a place for wildlife, and it's a place the two can come together," says Park Ranger at Seneca Creek State Park, Erik Ledbetter.

There are 400 different species of bees in the state of Maryland, most of them are solitary, meaning they are not aggressive, and if you don't bother them, they rarely bother you.

The pollinator hotel a Seneca Creek State Park has only been around for three days. The rangers still looking for ways to lure the bees their newly designed area.

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