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Anne Arundel County Executive Says He's Willing To Compromise As State Highway Officials Continue To Push For Third Span On Bay Bridge

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Backed-up traffic and anxious travelers, it's no question, traffic on the bay bridge can be a nightmare.

"It's all the time I live right here and I mean I can't even get to school sometimes," said driver Sarah Jay.

"In the summertime during the Wednesday-Friday, I've been out here for two to three hours," said driver Wayne Hemstetter.

But the plan to fix the problem is still on hold.

Back in April, the state's five-year, multi-million dollar study found the best way to ease congestion is to build a third span near the existing bridges.

But for months, state highway officials have been battling Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman over the plans.

"We just have to be clear that we are not going to put a third span over Sandy Point State Park and have major environmental destruction as a result of that," said Pittman.

Tuesday, Pittman called for a compromise.

"What we want is the replacement of aging infrastructure and that replacement infrastructure accommodates the traffic flow in the corridor. We can support building a new bridge," said Pittman.

Pittman said he's already talked to Governor Hogan who has been pushing to build a third bridge for years.

"It would ease up on the traffic a little bit back and forth," said driver, Jim Melka.

But some neighbors think another span will only make things worse.

"There's so much traffic around here you can't go anywhere you can't live life on the weekends you can't do anything really," said Sarah Jay.

It is unclear when or whether this project may start. Highway officials are still conducting more studies before any work can begin.

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