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Baltimore's Catholic Relief Services Sends Aid To Philippines

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The devastation is tremendous in the Philippines, where thousands of people are presumed dead after the biggest storm in history swept through the area. The need is dire in that area and Catholic Relief Services here in Baltimore already has people on the ground to help.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on how we can all help.

At times like this, charitable organizations come together to help. They say right now, having a substantial amount of donated money for that area is vital in getting supplies to those who need it most.

The cry for help is loud and clear in the Philippines, where thousands of people have died.

Catholic Relief Services of Baltimore is one of the first teams to respond on the ground to help.

"So we're looking at a major disaster the Philippines by themselves will not be able to handle and the rest of the world will have to step in and help," said Joan Rosenhauer, Catholic Relief Services.

While supplies are needed, the roads are flooded and covered with debris, meaning getting resources to the victims will be impossible.

"It is so complicated to try and ship things and costly to ship items. That is not an efficient way to respond, so it's better to have funds in the country," said Rosenhauer.

Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the small island with wind gusts of up to nearly 150 miles per hour

Catholic Relief Services is no stranger to death and destruction. In 2010, the organization assisted the people of Haiti after a catastrophic earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people.

"We're there when there are crises like this around the world," said Rosenhauer.

And while the death toll has not been finalized, reports indicate up to 10,000 people could be dead.

Catholic Relief Services is taking your donations right now. Call 1-877-HELP-CRS or visit the website.

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