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Baltimore's Artscape Festival Is This Weekend

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- It's officially here---the largest free arts festival in America! Artscape is expected to attract more than a quarter million people.

Tracey Leong has more on the celebration.

The 2014 Artscape is kicking off its 33rd year in the heart of downtown Baltimore. It's spread out over 15 blocks of the city. With nice weather like this, there's no excuse not to check it out.

The theme of Artscape 2014 is "Join the Movement." Whether it's dancing or shopping, the goal is to get moving to see everything that Baltimore has to offer.

"Find a lot of things you didn't really know were happening in Baltimore, whether it's a theater performance, art performance, a visual artist," said Artscape Communications Associate Mitch Case. "It's just a great time to discover what's happening in Baltimore."

With more than 150 artists showcasing their talent---from homegrown glass art to cityscape prints---it celebrates Baltimore's unique culture.

"It's really the greatest feeling. It's really an emotional high. I mean, you've worked so hard to create one piece and someone has a connection with it," said artist Matthew Parker.

"It's very exciting and you can thank them for the hard work they're doing and show the appreciation," said attendee Sue Goldberg.

If you get tired of walking the 15 blocks of Artscape, why not take a break and ride the Ferris wheel, where you can enjoy some of the breathtaking views.

And if you get hungry from all that moving, there are plenty of options for grub.

"We put a whole lot of love in every batch we do," said James Hardy, Sugar Daddy Funnel Cakes. "That's really the biggest secret we got here."

Encompassing 15 blocks of downtown, there is something for all ages to enjoy.

"It's the food, the artwork, the live music---I love it all," said attendee Anastasia Boutte.

Artscape makes a huge economic impact for the city of Baltimore. it's expected to bring in close to $28 million.

It's a three day event and goes until Sunday.

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