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Baltimore Students Protest Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Baltimore high school students held a peaceful demonstration on North Charles Street to show their support for the people of Ukraine on Wednesday.

Dozens of students, teachers, and staff from the Friends School, Gilman School, Bryn Mawr School, and Roland Park Country School participated in the event.

Many of the students who participated in the demonstration have been studying Russian. 

They have been learning a lot about the war in class. They have even learned how to sing the Ukrainian national anthem.

The students said it was important to show their support for Ukraine

"We feel very strongly that this is an unjust war," senior Julia Mammen said. 

They held signs written in Russian and Ukrainian to send the message that they want the war to end.

"We're watching Ukraine," Upper School Russian teacher Lee Ruby said. "We're praying for you. As we Quakers say: we're holding you in the light and we're hoping for a soon end to the war."

Many of the students enrolled in Russian classes have been learning about the history behind the war and how it is perceived. 

"Something interesting is because we study Russian, we've been seeing what we can about the Russian perspective on the war in Ukraine, which has been interesting," Senior Margaret Valle said.

Students say demonstrations like this one matter to show that they care for the people who are suffering as the war drags on. They believe it can make a difference.

"Students have a big voice, you know," Mammen said. "I think people listen to young people and I think that showing that we care about it and that this is an issue that isn't going to go away and that needs to be seen in America as well as everywhere else." 

Some of the students have been holding fundraisers to send money over to Ukrainian refugees.

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