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Baltimore Police Dept. Employee Celebrates 50 Years Of City Service

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- How many people do you know spend 50 years in the same job?

Well, there's a woman in the city police department, who's celebrating that milestone.

Ron Matz has more on a half a century of service to the citizens of Baltimore.

Joyce Dixon is only the second civilian in history to work in the city police department for 50 years. All of that time in the central records department.

"My hours are 6 to 2," Dixon said. "I'm a supervisor in the expungement section and I do the work just like everybody else."

She was 18 when she arrived here and she's made a lot of friends who marvel a her half a century of service.

"I've been here 39 years," says Pamela Barnes, Dixon's co-worker and friend, "50 years is a lot for Joyce. We're family here..."

And it was Joyce's family that played a role in her choosing this job. He father was a city police lieutenant.

"I can't remember my first day, but it was exciting because my father was a police officer and it was just exciting to be where he worked," Dixon said.

As you might expect during her 50 years here, Dixon has seen a lot, including 13 police commissioners.

"I've had a good run and I enjoy it very much. That's why I'm still here, I found a home and lots of friends," she said.

Dixon lives in Hampstead. She's the proud mom of one daughter and one son, she has two grandchildren and one great grandchild -- and at least for now she plans to continue working.

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