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'Administrative Oversight' Cited In Political Contributions Made In Name Of Marilyn Mosby's Late Grandfather

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Campaign donations made in the name of Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's late grandfather were contributed to Mosby's and her husband's campaigns in 2017 and 2021, state elections data shows.

Though Prescott Thompson died on Feb. 22, 2015, he is listed as having contributed $500 to the "Friends of Marilyn Mosby" committee last November, according to Mosby's 2021 annual campaign finance report. Mosby's husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, also received a $500 contribution from a "Thompson Prescott" in 2017, records show.

In a joint statement to WJZ, the couple chalked up the contribution made in Mosby's later grandfather's name as an "administrative oversight," saying Prescott's name is still listed on checks written by his wife.

Below is a copy of the complete statement provided by Nick and Marilyn Mosby, which they asked to be shared in "in its entirety to provide contextual understanding":

"The donation in question was provided to both campaigns from the widow of the late Prescott Thompson. It's common practice for campaign donation filings to associate the name listed first on a bank check as the contributor, but in this case, the campaigns should have listed Mrs. Thompson, since the contribution came from her and she signed the check. This is a simple administrative oversight. The account is still active with existing checks that bear the name of widow and deceased; however the campaign report will be administratively updated."

Marilyn Mosby's annual campaign finance report was filed in January, less than a week after she was indicted on federal charges of perjury and making false statements on a loan application. Mosby has pleaded not guilty to all four counts.

Mosby is set to stand trial in May, where she faces accusations that she lied about enduring financial hardships related to COVID-19 to withdraw money without penalty from her retirement account and that she falsified information on loan applications.

This week, her defense attorneys claimed federal prosecutors are threatening the May 2 trial date by not disclosing whether they will call expert witnesses and who they may be. A teleconference with both parties is set for March 30. Jury selection is in five weeks.

Marilyn Mosby has not yet filed for re-election. The filing deadline is April 15. So far, three candidates have filed to run: Democrats Ivan Bates and Thiru Vignarajah, along with Roya Hanna, who has said she will run as an independent.


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