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Baltimore Man Surprises People During Alcohol Deliveries Dressed Up As Elvis Presley, Other Costumes

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — What would you do if "The King" showed up at your door?

Jimbo Glick, who works at Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits, has been dressing up as Elvis and other costumes while he delivers wine, beer and spirits to Baltimore residents to spread some fun and laughter as people are staying home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: Jimbo Glick

He said at some point during the pandemic, he decided to pull out his Elvis costume hanging in his closet to give people he was delivering to a fun surprise.

When people open their doors to him to retrieve their deliveries, they're greeted by Elvis, or some of his other getups including a fancy tuxedo man and Mr. Monopoly.

Credit: Jimbo Glick
Credit: Jimbo Glick

He said around after the fourth week of the stay-at-home order, he felt people were bored and needed something to get them out of their hibernations and ruts.

"I figured a little variety would spice it up," He said.

He's worked there for almost a year and said since the pandemic began, they've been getting more delivery orders daily than before.

"Huge, massive, I mean it was like December 31 every day," He said. "Unbelievable amount of liquor, beer, wine and spirits, it was like that every day except we couldn't have people in the store, so we had to find an alternative to get them what they want."

And so he's become somewhat of a local legend around the Canton area, getting recognized while he's out on delivery. He said one of their other drivers had even shown up at someone's house and they were disappointed they weren't greeted by one of Glick's personas!

Credit: Jimbo Glick
Credit: Jimbo Glick

"One of our other drivers said, 'I showed up with the order and they were disappointed," Glick said.

He said while he doesn't know if he'll keep doing it if things go back to normal, but he'll keep trying to do it as long as people have to stay home.

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