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Gun Found At Baltimore High School, 11th From City Schools This Year

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A student was arrested Thursday after a loaded handgun was found at a Baltimore high school, authorities said.

An official told WJZ the .45 caliber handgun was recovered from a student at ConneXions, a community-based arts school in northwest Baltimore.

An unnamed 15-year-old student was taken into custody after they were found with the loaded gun, a Baltimore City Public Schools spokesperson said.

It wasn't immediately clear Thursday what, if any, legal consequences or disciplinary action the student could face as a result of the incident.

Rachel Duncan of the Parent & Community Advisory Board for Baltimore City Schools said incidents like this are terrifying for her.

"My knee jerk reaction as a parent to hearing about loaded guns in schools is just to be terrified and afraid," Duncan said.

An official told WJZ this marks the 11th gun that has been recovered from Baltimore City Public Schools so far this year. On average, school officers find about five guns per year.

"Our schools unfortunately are a reflection of our communities we see increased levels of violent crime going on in our communities and our schools are not immune to that," said Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, Union President, Baltimore City School Police Force 

Last week an 18-year-old student was shot outside Dunbar High School.

Boatwright his officers are only waiting and worrying for the next incident they believe is sure to come.

"Our officers are reporting concern they're scared that in one of these incidents, we're not going to be as lucky, and that the firearm will be used," he said.

Boatwright is now advocating for school officers to be armed. Right now, they carry pepper spray and batons, but their guns stay locked up.

"It's a huge concern on our police officers that they don't have every tool available to them to be able to stop a threat," he said.

But Duncan is opposed.

"I would be strongly opposed to having them armed," Duncan said. "Nobody sends their child into kindergarten hoping that one day they can walk their high school hallways with armed officers passing them as they go to their next class."

In May, the school system's police policy is up for revision. There will be a virtual meeting next month to discuss if there should be any changes made to it, like allowing officers to be armed during school hours.

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