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Amigos de Dorothea: Dance party unites Latinx LGBTQ+ community in Baltimore

Baltimore launches first Latinx LGBTQ+ dance party to connect and celebrate culture
Baltimore launches first Latinx LGBTQ+ dance party to connect and celebrate culture 02:17

BALTIMORE  --- There's an effort to create more spaces/events to help connect the local Latinx LGBTQ+ community in Baltimore. 

They are getting ready to host the first ever Latinx Dance Party, but it is more than just a 'party' It is a space for people to connect and celebrate their culture. 

"It definitely started with having that conversation," said Mauricio Lainez, the organizer of Amigos de Dorothea a Latinx Dance Party and owner of Cio's Playhouse.

And the conversation turned into the first-ever Latinx LGBTQ+ dance party in Baltimore. 

"I realized there is not a place where queer Latinx members can go and enjoy, listen and dance to Latin music," said Lainez.

He teamed up with Aliceanna Social Club and others to host Amigos de Dorothea or 'Friends of Dorothy'--- an event where the queer and Latinx community can come together.

"I felt the need to create something — create a space for Latinx and queer community where we can all come together," said Lainez.

Lainez's vision is to create a place where they can feel welcome and safe, all while giving performers and artists a space to showcase their talents too. 

"Want people to see us from a different point of view," said Lainez.

The Pride Center of Maryland and Pride of Baltimore is working with Cio's Playhouse–.. recognizing there is a need for more queer and Latinx spaces in Charm City.

"When you look at the sex-gendered community here in Baltimore it is so diverse and within a diverse community– a lot of Latinx folks kind of get left out of it," said Tramour Wilson, the senior director of advocacy and community engagement for Pride Center of Maryland.

"We realize it is really, really important that we make sure that Latinx folks have their own place that they can feel like they can be themselves and celebrate their culture."

Mauricio says this is only the beginning — he wants to establish a bigger Latinx Pride for the entire region.

"We are here and we want to be apart and we want to help create a better Baltimore." 

Baltimore Pride is coming in 2024 and we are creating and making space for Latinx members to feel like Pride is for them," said Wilson.

The Latinx Dance Party — Amigos de Dorothea or 'Friends of Dorothy' will be held Thursday, February 29 at Aliceanna Social Club beginning at 7:00p.

You can learn more by visiting the event's website here.

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