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Move over axe throwing, Baltimore's going footbowling

Footbowling? A new hybrid sport comes to Baltimore
Footbowling? A new hybrid sport comes to Baltimore 02:42

BALTIMORE -- Bowling football fans, rejoice! Footbowling has come to Baltimore City.  

The new sport has been introduced at Urban Axes in Highlandtown. 

"Honestly, it's like football meets bowling meets cornhole," said Dena Glisan, Sales and Partnerships Manager at Urban Axes. "We're an indoor entertainment facility, so we're always looking for fun new things do. So we figured we'd bring it in here, and bring it to Baltimore."

Urban Axes opened in 2018, and indoor axe-throwing has grown in popularity since then. Meantime, football bowling is popping up in cities across the country. 

So in January, the business added "1st and Tenpin." Right now, it's the only place in Baltimore you can footbowl.

"The objective is to get all ten pins down as quick as possible before the opposing team," says CJ Harvey.

Here's how the hybrid sport works: You throw a football, and knock down your opponent's bowling pins. And it's trickier than it sounds.

"Usually you're throwing a football to a person and not at an object," Glisan says. "So when you have that bowling split -- that 7/10 split - people get really into it, they get really excited."

You can footbowl with 2 to 12 people, which means you can make it a date night or bring some friends.

"Anyone can do it," says Sydney Newman. "It looks harder than it actually is. Don't be intimidated if you don't know how to throw a ball, because it is a great time."

Football bowling costs $20 a person at Urban Axes. But if you have a group, you can book a lane for $150. They recommend you make a reservation on their website, and you do have to be 21 or older.

"I'm really excited for more people in Baltimore to try it out, and see what we have going on," Glisan says.

It's a whole new ballgame that might just bowl you over.

Go Behind the Lens with Linh Bui: 

Behind the Lens: Linh Bui on the joy of Footbowling 02:51

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