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Baltimore Man's Yorkies Stolen At Gunpoint On Christmas Eve

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A Baltimore man is heartbroken after he says his two dogs were taken at gunpoint on Christmas Eve.

It happened after shortly after 11 p.m. while Joshua Griggs was walking his Yorkies, Butters and Boba, along Gay Street near Baltimore Street, Griggs said.

Griggs told police he was walking along when a woman complimented him on his dogs and asked if he would show them to her grandmother, who was parked nearby.

But when they got to the car, no one was inside. That's when a man walked up, pointed a handgun at Griggs and demanded that he hand over his phone and money.

After Griggs handed over his phone, he said, the woman took his dogs. It was at that point, he said, he realized the man and woman were working together.

He said the man threatened to kill him, his dogs and two passersby if he got too loud or tried to cause a scene.

The pair fled with another man, whom Griggs said appeared to be acting as a lookout for the other two.

"(The) last time I saw them was when I looked back over my shoulder as I was running for my life," Griggs said.

While Griggs is discouraging people from approaching the trio if they're spotted, he is hoping that someone recognizes the dogs and comes forward.

City police confirmed they are investigating the incident, though no arrests have been made.

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