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Baltimore County cracking down on drivers to protect pedestrians, bikers in 'Look Alive' campaign

Baltimore County launches "Look Alive" campaign to protect pedestrians, bikers
Baltimore County launches "Look Alive" campaign to protect pedestrians, bikers 01:39

BALTIMORE -- If you are racing to school or work in Baltimore County, you may end your morning commute with a ticket.

Far too often, people have become victims of crashes when they are just trying to cross the street.

That's why Baltimore County is kicking off its Look Alive campaign Monday. The goal is to raise awareness about the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists by ticketing unsafe drivers. 

Starting Monday, there will be more police in Baltimore County ready to ticket drivers.

Last year, 77 people were killed by cars while walking in the Baltimore region. That's almost half of the pedestrian killings in the state.

The top two common causes for these crashes are speeding and failing to stop at a crosswalk.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, when a vehicle travels at 58 miles per hour, a pedestrian has a 10% chance of survival.

If drivers violate these laws, police are warning you to be ready to pay a fine anywhere between $40 to $500.

So drivers should slow down, avoid blocking the crosswalks, and allow a distance of three feet when passing a bicyclist.

Pedestrians and bicyclists can contribute to the initiative by following signals and signs. Police are urging pedestrians to wait their turn to cross the road and do it only on the crosswalks.

Bicyclists should wear helmets and use hand signals to tell drivers where they are going. Finally, everyone is asked to stay alert by putting the phone down and paying attention to the roadways.

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