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Baltimore Cop Charged In Bus Stop Beating Caught On Camera

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A Baltimore police officer faces charges in the beating of a suspect that was caught on tape. That video ignited a federal investigation into the city police department.

Meghan McCorkell has reaction to the charges filed Wednesday.

That officer faces second-degree assault and perjury charges for his role in the videotaped beating that outraged city leaders.

Blow after blow, Officer Vincent Cosom is caught on city surveillance camera repeatedly punching Kollin Truss in the face.

"The police need to understand that the same rules and regulations that are for the citizens are also for them," said Ivan Bates, victim's attorney.

Now Officer Cosom is charged with assault for the seemingly unprovoked beating of Truss and perjury for allegedly lying on a police report, saying Truss had attacked him first.

But attorneys for Truss say just charging one officer is not enough.

"The other officers participated. They held his arms back. Our client was knocked unconscious on his feet," said Tony Garcia, victim's attorney.

The June 15 incident ignited outrage across the city. The incident sparked the mayor to call for a Department of Justice investigation into the entire Baltimore City Police Department.

"Not getting it right, that's not an option. We have to get this right," Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

A recent Baltimore Sun investigation reveals between 2012 and this July, more than 3,000 misconduct complaints have been filed against police. More than 1,200 were sustained.

"This was something that I take very seriously, something that the commissioner takes very seriously. We were very disappointed," the mayor said.

Federal investigators will now look into police training standards, conduct ride-a-longs with officers and hold meetings with the community. They will release recommendations to try and prevent this from happening again.

Federal officials are expected to issue their initial assessment of the department in the next six to eight months.

Attorneys for Kollin Truss have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the city.

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