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Baltimore Co. Superintendent Holds Student Town Hall Meeting

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Students often complain that adults don't listen to them. But on Wednesday that's exactly what the Baltimore County school superintendent did.

Mary Bubala reports he held a town hall meeting where students could ask him anything.

Baltimore County's new superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance is connecting with students face-to-face and via Twitter.

It's an informal, unscripted open exchange where students are asking questions to Dr. Dance. The questions ranged from questions about air conditioning in schools to more vegetarian options in cafeterias to using smart phones to learn.

"I feel like a lot of students got to express to Dr. Dance their opinions, their needs and even their ideas and that it was a productive time for all of us," said Diana Frank, Eastern Technical High School.

"I wanted them to have some face time with the superintendent, but I also wanted them to have connections with each other," said Dance. "We don't provide many opportunities where students from Dundalk can interact with Patapsco, interact with Towson. And you saw from where some of the students were sitting, they weren't necessarily sitting with their home schools."

Other high schools across Baltimore County also participated in Wednesday's student town hall meeting by sending in questions via Twitter. Others watched it through a live stream feed on the county's cable channel.

Another town hall meeting with Dance and students is scheduled for this spring.

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