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Baltimore Co. Schools Won't Be Grading Students on Homework, Behavior

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—A new grading policy is stirring up controversy in Baltimore County after educators decide that students will be graded only on what they learn, not how they behave or if they do their homework.

The backpacks are out as students in Baltimore County celebrate the start of another school year.

But this year, completing homework won't factor into a student's grade.

"I heard of it, but I thought it was joke," said Latanya Morris.

According to a new policy, "marking period grades will be based solely on achievements and grade-level standards"

Classroom conduct--homework completion-- and ability to work with others will be assessed in a separate section of the report card, but won't impact grades.

"I don't like it because I feel like they're lowering the standards for our students," said Tia Tucker.

The school system has released a video to explain the new grading system to parents.

"Starting this school year all student grades will align to identified course or grade level standards," said Chief Academic Officer Verletta White.

The new grading system was formed by a committee of parents, teachers and administrators who found punishing students for missed homework didn't motivate them to work harder.

Some say they back the new system.

"It's good because I feel as though you know, a lot of times, they probably wasn't doing it by themselves anyway," said Kenneth Ward, who lives in Dundalk.

The school board approved the new policy in June of last year.

READ BELOW to learn more about the new grading policy.

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