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'I Will Not Rest Until Every Neighborhood Is Safe': Baltimore City Records 300 Homicides For Seventh Consecutive Year

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Baltimore reached a grim milestone Wednesday evening as the city recorded its 300th homicide for the year.

This is the seventh consecutive year the city has had over 300 homicide victims.  A five-year-old girl and a 69-year-old woman are some of Baltimore's most recent victims.

Mayor Brandon Scott released a statement following the news:

"I am outraged that Baltimore recorded its 300th homicide of the year tonight. This number provokes more than just pain and disappointment over the sheer loss of life; it forces us to think about the families and communities that will forever be impacted by this heinous cycle of violence.

We lost friends and loved ones, and Baltimore cannot continue to be desensitized by their loss. Far too many interpersonal conflicts and domestic disputes are escalating into fatal violence. Failing to recognize the value of human life cannot continue to be the norm in Baltimore. This should anger all of us to do more so that our city can truly be more.

As your Mayor, I am far from satisfied. My team and I are working tirelessly to implement a violence prevention plan that saves lives and reduces trauma. Under my leadership this will no longer be about police alone, but they certainly have an important role to play. Because of the importance of collaboration I restarted the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to ensure that our state and federal partners are back at the table with us. And through my PoliceStat process, I will continue to hold the police department accountable for closing violent cases and bringing violent offenders to justice.
"Baltimore, we will be better and I will not rest until every neighborhood is safe."


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