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Transgender Murder Victim Was Sibling Of NBA Player

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --- For the second time this summer, another transgender woman has been found brutally murdered in Baltimore City. This latest victim is the sibling of an NBA player. Now there are new fears in the community that the cases could be connected.

Meghan Mccorkell has more on the investigation.

Members of a police task force found that body early Wednesday morning as they were going to serve a search warrant in West Baltimore.

A broken necklace and a pool of blood remain in the alley where police found the body of 26-year old Mia Henderson.

They were serving a search warrant along Piedmont Avenue when the lifeless body of the transgender woman was discovered.

"We do know that there was trauma to the body to indicate that there was a homicide," said Major Dennis Smith with Baltimore City police.

Henderson's legal name is Kevin Long.

WJZ has learned her brother is NBA player Reggie Bullock.

The Los Angeles Clipper tweeted Wednesday "All I can say is my brother showed me how to live your own life. Love you so much man. Gone but not forgotten.
And "At least I sent the last love you to my brother."

The murder is the second transgender killing here in the city in just the past two months.

Police are still searching for the person who murdered Kandy Hall. She was stabbed to death in early June.

"I will not slow down. I will not allow us to not stay on top of these. We will push extremely hard," said police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Police aren't sure if the two cases are connected, but advocates say even if it isn't the same killer "they are connected in that the vulnerability of the women are being preyed on," said Jacqueline Robarge, Power Inside.

The violence has rocked the LBGT community.

"It's another trans woman, another sister of mine that's died. And I'm afraid to even walk out the door," said Lasaia Wade.

"We are a small tight-knit collaborative community,  so it's a very frightening time," said Mark Mclaurin.

They just want the killer or killers behind bars.

Police aren't saying how Henderson was murdered until an autopsy is completed.

Investigators say they are looking back at cases that are several years old to see if there are any similarities with this latest murder.

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