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Where's Marty? Getting A Behind-The-Scenes Tour At Baltimore Center Stage

Hi Everyone!

Baltimore Center Stage is one of the city's crown jewels. For 60 years, Baltimore Center Stage has been producing the highest quality of regional theatric productions -- it is considered one of the top 10 regional theaters in the country. Baltimore Center Stage is the State Theater of Maryland. And the resume continues on, but the point is made. On Tuesday, K2 and I were in a special place behind the scenes, behind the stages, (yes, there is more than one performance space in the building), looking at what makes a show tick. That would be costumes and sets. And what a costume design room and set-building area we saw! WOW!

When you attend a show at the Calvert Street theater, you see the lobby, the ticket office, the bar, the restrooms and the theater itself. But surrounding that are many floors of the facility that have been repurposed into one grand place. Historic buildings in some cases, one of which was the chapel of a neighboring church. And the stained glass windows are still intact. (In fact, there are spaces at Center Stage you can rent for events, and celebrations. One of which is that chapel space.)

This years 60th-anniversary celebration kicks off with "Our Town." That is a legendary production we all had to study in high school back in the day. Today, though, it has, (not unlike Baltimore Center Stage itself), been repurposed to reflect Baltimore in 2022, and mirror what we are today. That is BOLD, and it will be a HIT!

For more info, head to Baltimore Center Stage's website. And if, post-COVID, they ever give behind-the-scenes tours, book one. Trust me on this one!

On Wednesday, we go city farming for all the right reasons. See ya then!

Marty B!

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