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Baltimore Catholics Stand With Undocumented Families As ICE Raid Threats Loom

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Local church groups came together this weekend to show support for families and offered services to undocumented families living in fear.

"This morning when I opened up the front doors of the church to open up for Sunday services, there was was a van with a family in it I said 'Oh you guys are early for church they said no we're not here early for church we were here all night we slept in our van because we don't know where to go,'" said Father Bruce Lewandowski.

Feelings of fear were shared this weekend in the parish community after President Trump delayed a nationwide immigration sweep in 10 major cities, including Baltimore.

Mayor Jack Young said Baltimore is united in its support within immigrant communities.

"We are not participating in any raids that ICE is planning to do in the City of Baltimore. we want them to know we want them to feel safe," Mayor Young said.

Advocates with Catholic Charities and the Esperanza Center held a "Know Your Rights" presentation, offering services and information on how to respond if approached by immigration authorities.

"You can call for help without getting deported," said Archbishop Lori.

"It's not so much a question of politics it's a question of humanity and recognizing people's dignity," said Christine Collins, director of communications for Catholic Charities in Baltimore.

Sunday night, Rep. Raskin joined community members in Bethesda offering support and pushed for strong legislation to protect immigrant families.

"The president has created a lot of chaos at the border and we need to make an investment in addressing the humanitarian crisis on the border.

The group promised to stand together when the two-week delay is up.

"Not here in Baltimore, not here right now, now no, not this, we are going to defend, and when ICE is at the door, they have to get through me first," Father Lewandowski said.

Catholic Charities is offering services and support to anyone who is in need. You can find more information here.

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