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Baltimore Boxer Demond Nicholson Is Back To 100% After Kidney Failure, Ready To Fight Once More

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — To be a warrior in the ring is to be one outside of it. Laurel's Demond Nicholson from Upton Boxing is every bit.

It's May 10 2019. His kidneys failed after a weigh-in. He almost died. But the comeback is here and it's soon to be a knockout.

"My last 2 fights, I really wasn't 100 percent still," he said. "My body, my mind, everything but now that I'm 100!percent, I realized what I put myself through."

Coach Calvin Ford is leading the way.

"Getting this opportunity is real big because the sky is the limit if he does his job," Coach Ford said.

One of Nicholson's jobs since being sick was being an ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation. He plans to represent them on his shorts and mask. But first, he's all business for this fight.

"His heart, soul and mind and focus is on this fight. This is the fight that gets him over the hump," said Will Nicholson, Demond's father.

At 28 years young, it's legal assault in the ring and he's just getting started.

"When I get out that zone, I really sit down and think about everything that I've been through and everything that I've seen. I'm really a warrior. I'm more proud of myself now then I was then," Demond said.

Nicholson will fly to Las Vegas Monday night for promotion. He'll also soon go to Kissimmee, Fl. to fight Edgar Berlanga on April 24th as the co-main event.

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