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Baltimore man stands trial in death of 5-month-old daughter

Father on trial in 2018 death of 5-month-old daughter
Father on trial in 2018 death of 5-month-old daughter 02:46

BALTIMORE -- A jury trial is now taking place nearly four years after a 5-month-old girl died after suffering trauma to her body in West Baltimore.

Her father, Anthony Ford, in now on trial, accused of causing his daughter's death. Brailynn died in October 2018 just days after she was hospitalized with trauma to her body. 

Ford has been charged with second-degree murder, child abuse resulting in death, child abuse resulting in serious physical injury and first-degree assault, court records show.

On Wednesday, Ford testified he was taking care of his daughter on the day in question and went for a ride in a vehicle where others were present. Following the ride, Brailynn was no longer "normal" and seemed "irritated," he testified.

Ford testified Brailynn stopped breathing and "blood was coming out of her nose," and he called 911.


Brailynn died in the hospital days later.

In court Wednesday, the assistant medical examiner testified that Brailynn had bruising all over her body, injuries he said were consistent with blunt force trauma.

Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Zabiullah Ali showed photos of what appeared to be cuts on the baby's body.

The injuries were "consistent with blunt force trauma" that could occur when someone is hit with an item, a fist or kicked, Dr. Ali testified. He concluded that Brailynn's death was a homicide.

Defense attorneys called a forensic pathologist to the stand, who challenged the medical examiner's testimony, saying a conclusion on the cause of death was premature.

That expert witness testified that Brailynn had pneumonia and blood conditions that could've explained the bruises on her body.

The defense expert also said existing medical conditions could have caused low oxygen levels that affected the baby's brain.

As WJZ previously reported, the girl's family said she was in her father's care before she was hospitalized. They said they had no reason to believe that he would harm his daughter.

Ford was arrested days after his daughter's death. He has remained in custody since then. 

Closing arguments are expected later this week, then the case will be handed over to the jury.

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