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Man Fleeing Police Causes Serious Crash In South Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A wild chain of events unfolds in southwest Baltimore, when a car flees from police and crashes on top of another vehicle.

Monique Griego has dramatic surveillance video of the collision that left a baby and others injured.

Witnesses tell WJZ the car was fleeing from police when it ran a red light at Washington Boulevard. It then crashed into a truck and both of those vehicles ended up on the sidewalk. Surveillance video caught the whole thing on tape.

"Sounded like 'boom!' It was loud," said Keyontae Rheubottom.

"I started crying, immediately," Shelly Babermore said.

Surveillance video captures a police pursuit that ends in a horrific crash in south Baltimore at Washington Boulevard and South Carey Street.

"It was like a big boom," said Babermore.

"It hit the blue car in the air and then the truck came back down," Rheubottom said.

Baltimore Police say an officer conducting a drug investigation tried to pull over the blue sedan, but it took off.

"Blue car was getting chased by the police and a truck tried to turn and it took it all the way down there," Rheubottom said.

What happened next was all caught on surveillance video at a corner food market.

The car runs a red light and smashes into a truck. The impact then sends both vehicles crashing onto the sidewalk. Witnesses then tried to help the people trapped inside.

"The lady's arm was hanging out the window and somebody had ran over to try to get the baby that was in the backseat. And they told her that she couldn't," said Sierra Giles.

Witnesses say the driver of the car left the woman and the baby behind and took off running.

"He was just running like this. And it was so scary, you know? I don't like to see something like this happen," said Babermore.

Police were able to catch 26-year-old Delvon Young and arrest him. Firefighters had to cut the woman, baby and other driver out of their vehicles.

Neighbors still can't believe no bystanders got caught in the crash.

"They could have crashed into the bus stop and killed other innocent people," Babermore said.

"I'm glad nobody was standing there because they probably wouldn't have made it," said Giles.

Police say the woman, baby and driver of the truck were all taken to the hospital. They're all expected to be okay.

Police say Delvon Young is also in the hospital under police custody.

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