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Australia Athletes Refusing To Move Into 'Uninhabitable' Olympic Village

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The plans for the summer Olympics in Brazil have been riddled with issues and problems from the beginning, and an "uninhabitable" Olympic village is just the latest tally on a long list of problems facing Rio de Janeiro.

Athletes from across the world were scheduled to move into the Olympic village over the weekend, but found the rooms and bathrooms were in "exceedingly poor condition" and took to social media to share.

The Australian Olympic team is currently staying in hotels until Olympic officials fix the problems with plumbing, gas, and electricity.

Britain and New Zealand are reportedly experiencing similar problems, and Sweden's women's soccer team decided not to move into the village. Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States teams have reportedly paid for cleaning services.

The mayor of Rio actually hit back at the Australian Olympic Committee's concerns about the village by cracking a joke about kangaroos. Eduardo Paes suggested "a kangaroo in front of the Australian apartments in the Olympics village might appease complaints of 'uninhabitable' quarters."


This is not the first time the high-profile Olympics have featured poor living conditions for the athletes, but it surely is more bad news out of Rio ahead of the Opening Ceremonies set to begin on August 5.

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