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Assateague Beach Closed After WWII Ordnance Found

ASSATEAGUE, Md. (WJZ) -- Bombs discovered. Unexploded World War II ordnances washed up on Assateague Island and authorities were forced to shut down the beach so the bomb squad could detonate the dangerous devices.

Denise Koch has more.

A geyser of sand shot up in the air in a planned explosion at Assateague Island. An Army bomb squad closed off North Ocean Beach after visitors discovered scraps of military shells and rocket fragments.

"As soon as we get the word, we go out and deal with it immediately. We had a few pieces exposed and once we dug, we found a lot more," said ranger Ted Murlock.

Murlock says beach erosion uncovered about 100 pieces of unexploded ordnance and the bomb squad was forced to evacuate beachgoers. Then they set off two explosions to make sure the 70-year-old devices wouldn't blow up without warning.

Rangers say discoveries like this one are surprisingly common.

"I think it's kinda interesting. I love history and this is a part of our national history," said Tabatha Preast.

But when these munitions surface, they must be detonated swiftly.

"The safest thing to do is to get rid of it," Murlock said.

Assateague Island served as a military test and practice site during World War II.

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