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Ask A Baltimore Bartender: Your Best Tropical Drink Recipe

Tony Cross loves tending bar. Cross became a bartender about 14 years ago, and now tends bar at Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill. What does he love about tending bar? Tony Cross loves everything. He loves the flexible schedule, the ability to meet new people, and the chance to interact with new and interesting people every day. The family-like environment of the Baltimore bar industry is another thing that drew Cross to his career choice.
Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill
821 S. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 563-6800

Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill opened in Fells Point ten years ago. Named for the late Kirkwood "Woody" Russell, the view from Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill is second to none in the city of Baltimore. The bar and grill overlooks the Inner Harbor and historic Fells Point. According to Tony Cross and others who work there, the view of the nighttime skyline is absolutely amazing — perfect for 4th of July fireworks and concerts on the square. Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill is the perfect location for watching the sail boats, water taxis and military ships. Those looking for tasty food need look no further than Woody's Grub. Special menu items include: World Famous Fish Tacos, the Woody's Painkiller or Cross' personal favorite, the Privateer Punch. Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill also owns and operates the Slainte Irish Pub downstairs and the Koopers Tavern next door. Just in time for summer, Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill bartender Tony Cross' wants to share his best tropical drink recipe.

The Woody's Painkiller #1.
  • Begin With Rum

The first step to creating the Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill Painkiller #1 is rum. Tony Cross uses 1.5 ounces of rum, which he pours in a shaker. But Cross doesn't use just any old rum, he uses Pusser's Rum. The Painkiller #1 has one part Pusser's Rum. Feeling adventurous? How about trying the Painkiller #2, with two parts of Pusser's Rum or the Painkiller #3 with three(!) parts of Pusser's Rum. If you need some rum options, you're in luck — Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill is know for rum. Whatever you want, Woody's has it. Rum brands available include: Owneys NYC Rum, Appleton Gold, Bacardi 151, Goslings Black Seal, and many more.

  • Pour In Delicious Creme Of Coconut

Choose either one, two or three shots of Pusser's Rum as the base for your Painkiller. Once the Pusser's Rum is added, Cross says it is time to add "1/2 ounce of Creme of Coconut." The Painkiller is a smooth, sweet drink that will have you forgetting you are in the middle of Baltimore in no time. One moment you are sitting at Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill and the next moment, you are on a beach in the Caribbean forgetting all your pains!

  • After The Creme Of Coconut Stir In Pineapple juice

After the rum is added, and the Creme of Coconut, Cross adds two ounces pineapple juice to the mix. Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill's bartender Tony Cross says to "Shake till ice cold."

  • A Splash of Orange Juice

Continue shaking the mix of Pusser's Rum, Creme of Coconut, and Pineapple Juice before adding two ounces of orange juice and, again, shake until it's "ice cold."

  • For The Finishing Flourish: A Sprinkle Of Nutmeg

For the final touch to the Painkiller #1, #2, or #3, Tony Cross says to add a "sprinkle" of Nutmeg on top. Delicious! Pair your Painkiller #1, #2, or #3 with some tasty vittles. Woody's Rum Bar & Island Grill specializes in tasty appetizers like Woody's nachos, calamari, island wings, Jamaican hot pepper shrimp, and spicy caesar salad. Mmmm...

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