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As Maryland Heats Up, Cicadas Chirp Louder

PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) -- Across our area, some of us have been seeing more and more cicadas over the last few days and some of them have been getting very loud.

As the Baltimore area heats up, the cicadas are singing louder and louder in parts of the state -- like on Hiss Avenue in Parkville.

"Past three or four days they've been really bad, yesterday was the worst," said Dawn Garner.

Garner has seen countless cicadas all over a tree in her front yard and the noise has been especially irritating recently.

"I ran an air conditioner so we wouldn't have to listen to them," she said.

An app on her phone showed that they got as loud as 107 decibels. She tried over the weekend to get them to leave without much success.

"I've been out here trying to hose the trees down to get them to go away but it didn't work," Garner said.

Now she's left with cleaning up the dead ones that are all over her lawn and driveway and she's collected hundreds of them with the help of her son. But, they just keep coming.

"This is full from last night," she said. "They're all and there's about 500 more in there."

Fortunately for us all there is plenty of rain in the forecast this week which means, we may get some relief from all the cicada noise.

We want to see your cicada photos and videos. Share what you're seeing in your neighborhood by using #BeOnWJZ on Twitter or Instagram. 

This story was first published on June 7, 2021.

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