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Artist Brings Baltimore's Row Homes To Life With Light City Piece

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Next weekend, Baltimore will lure in thousands of people for Light City, giving artists a chance to show off their work.

One artist is using his work to break down barriers in the city.

"It's going to be as large as a two-story row home," said James Dolgin, project manager of Flux Form.

Dolgin and his team, Flux Form, built facades that resemble the unique Baltimore row homes. Each window tells a different story.

"We're going to have people standing on pads standing outside windows that correlate with the windows and those pads will open a blind revealing the inside of the home of the person who is participating in the documentary at that time," Dolgin said.

Dolgin said his team worked for months on the documentary shown in the windows, and with a little bit of help from 24 participants, they were able to combined technology, art and the history of Baltimore and make it one.

"It's about what home means to people it's about the row home which is a popular theme in Baltimore its what makes Baltimore unique and connects residents," Dolgin said.

Dolgin said each story in the window will give viewers the opportunity to hear others' experiences through a familiar medium.

"It's basically a way of showing something that unites us all the theme of the row home and challenging the notion of separation of our private lives and our public lives and bringing it all together," Dolgin said.

You can check out the project right in front of the National Aquarium by Pier 4.

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