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Arson Suspects Used Molotov Cocktails In Camp Springs 7-Eleven Fire For The Second Time, Investigators Say

CAMP SPRINGS, Md. (WJZ) -- Fire investigators said suspects threw improvised incendiary weapons, known as Molotov cocktails, into a 7-Eleven convenience store in Camp Springs early Thursday morning, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Fire officials responded to the 7-Eleven on the 6400 block of Auth Road at 1:10 a.m., where it was reported that multiple suspects ignited a fire inside the store. The fire was extinguished without incident, but $5,000 in damage was done.

Investigators said a suspect used two Molotov cocktails in the store, and they believe the suspect was assisted by multiple others. The area was canvassed but the suspects escaped.

Officials said the same store was targeted on January 6 when a suspect reportedly threw Molotov cocktails at the building's doors.

Another convenience store was targeted on January 16. Officials said three men reportedly threw Molotov cocktails inside the store and at propane tanks, causing $50,000 in damage.

Nobody was hurt in any of the incidents, including Saturday's attack, officials said.

The Office of The State Fire Marshall is leading an investigation into all three incidents alongside the Prince George's County Arson Task Force. Officials are trying to determine is the cases are related.

"We are seeking assistance from the community in identifying and locating the persons responsible for these crimes. These are dangerous crimes, and, while we are thankful that no one was injured in any of the fires," Fire Chief Tiffany Green said. "The potential that someone could have been critically hurt is our most serious concern. If anyone has even the slightest bit of information that may help our Investigators to close these cases, please contact us. This must be brought to a stop."

Anyone with information in the incidents is asked to call Prince George's County Fire Investigations Division at 301-77ARSON (301-772-7766.) You may remain anonymous and the call line is open 24 hours.

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