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Armen Keteyian On His Interview With Troy Vincent About Deflate Gate

Armen Keteyian is the lead analyst for 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime.

Armen joined Ed and Steve to talk about his story on Troy Vincent and deflate gate.

Armen started off by talking about his thoughts on Troy Vincent and what he took from the interview saying "I got a lot, I thought Troy was refreshingly candid and honest and humane...I really felt like he was a guy who actually cared about the reputation of the players, and the image of the league." Armen also talked about how with today's athlete it is a struggle to keep them in line because they don't care about the game and it's history as much as they do building their own brand. As for NFL people not reading reports Armen commented saying "I think it's arrogance, we've dealt with it and we're the NFL."

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