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Annapolis Police Heighten Presence Downtown, Near State House Ahead Of Inauguration

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — If you're walking around the State House buildings in Annapolis, you'll see that on pretty much every corner there is a police presence.

But, aside from the increased security, the day was business as usual Sunday with a lot of tourists and families enjoying the day.

The City of Annapolis has hundreds of law enforcement from a variety of departments securing the Capitol city. K9 units were called in to sweep the area as an added precaution as members of the National Guard are on standby if needed.

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"Everything that we could possibly think of to protect the citizens and the Capitol," said Annapolis Police Chief Edward Jackson.

Chief Jackson said the increased security is based on intel that capitol cities around the nation could be under attack leading up to the January 20 presidential inauguration.

However, he says, there are no known threats to the City of Annapolis or Anne Arundel County.

"I've been associated with law enforcement for 40 years and this is one of the most coordinated efforts I have ever seen," Jackson said.

In fact, downtown Annapolis had a lot of foot traffic on Sunday, with this DC-area family stopping by for lunch.

"And just see historic Annapolis," said visitor Jan Boon.

Jan Boon and Sophie Vanhees brought their kids to the State House, and said as soon as they drove into town, they noticed the large police presence.

"We didn't feel any tension, except there you could see that there were people on the roof of the capitol," Vanhees said.

This week, Gov. Larry Hogan warned that if anyone showed up to the State House armed, they would "regret it."

He said while we don't yet know what might happen in the coming days, Maryland will be prepared. He does not want to see the riots that happened in DC on January 6 to happen in Maryland.

"Every state capitol in every state is aware that something may happen and they should be aware and should be cautious," said Jeff Grandy, Annapolis resident.

"I'm very grateful to see their presence here," said Anne Grandy, Annapolis resident.

The Annapolis police chief said that the added police presence will remain through the inauguration and even beyond as a precaution. He added visibility of police is important right now.

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