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Anita Jones Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison For Fatally Stabbing Estranged Husband Inside Johns Hopkins Hospital Room

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The woman found guilty of fatally stabbing her estranged husband inside a room at Johns Hopkins Hospital was sentenced Thursday to 13 years in prison, the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office said.

A jury found Anita Nicole Jones guilty in January of manslaughter and carrying a dangerous weapon openly with intent to injure. She had been charged in the October 2017 death of her husband, 33-year-old Christopher Yancey, Sr.

anita jones christopher yancey
Anita Jones (left) and Christopher Yancey (right).

Officials said the two were inside an intensive care room at the hospital where their son was having emergency surgery. Just after 12:45 p.m., Jones ran out of the room and said Yancey had cut himself.

Hospital staff found Yancey with two stab wounds in his neck. He died at the hospital.


Jones told hospital staff they had gotten into a verbal dispute but that she didn't see Yancey cut himself, officials said. Security video later showed her walk to a garbage can outside the hospital and put an object inside.

She was also caught on a recorded jail call just before the stabbing in which she spent nearly 30 minutes sharing her frustrations with Yancey and saying she was going to really hurt him, the city's state's attorney's office said.

After the stabbing, Yancey's family members told WJZ the couple had gotten into another argument in the hospital a week prior that got so heated they both got kicked out. His brother wondered why they were allowed to visit their son at the same time.

Jones and Yancey were still legally married though living apart at the time, family members said in 2016. They shared six children.

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