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Angry Md. Parents Band Together To Fight Common Core

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Parents continue to express their outrage toward the Common Core curriculum now being used across the state of Maryland. Despite the Department of Education's claims this type of education elevates a child's education, parents say it dumbs it down.

Rochelle Ritchie spoke with angry parents who have come together in protest.

Parents call it a robotic way of teaching and say the Department of Education should let teachers do the teaching, not the government.

Robert Small may have been the first parent to publicly take a defiant stance in front of school officials against the Common Core curriculum adopted by the state of Maryland in 2010.

"Don't stand for this. You're sitting there like cattle. You have questions; confront them," he said.

That was in September. Now Small and other angry parents stood together in front of the Department of Education building to let it be known they have not changed their minds.

"I don't like the way they are teaching the fuzzy math where if you get the question wrong and you can explain why you got it, it will count," said Mike Prendergast.

The big fuss with Common Core is federal involvement. Protesters say instead of teachers coming up with their individual and creative ways to teach, they must follow a strict national curriculum designed by the government.

"Most of it's more about testing than proper teaching. Teachers are being forced to teach the test rather than have kids explore the curiosity in learning," said Josephat Mua.

In response, the Department of Education released a statement saying, "The Common Core State Standards are being implemented in all Maryland public schools this year, increasing academic rigor and better preparing our students for college or career after their graduation from high school."

Parents say their children's education has been impacted negatively because of Common Core curriculum, which they say scales back on their education.

"Things that he was doing well in, he is totally lost in now. He doesn't know what to do with it because he's not given the means or the teaching to explore it," said Patty Taormino.

In their statement, the Department of Education went on to say, "We encourage you to visit a public school in your neighborhood and see the great work taking place."

But some parents are so fed up, they have pulled their children out of schools altogether.

"I've decided to homeschool him. That wasn't part of the plan; I wanted him to be in public school," said Jennifer Hicks.

Common Core curriculum has been adopted by 45 states.

This is the first year Common Core has been implemented in all Maryland schools.

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