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Angela Alsobrooks hopes to "keep Maryland Blue" with U.S. Senate win in November

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BALTIMORE -- Angela Alsobrooks is looking ahead to November, when she will face former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for the U.S. Senate seat.

Alsobrooks, who says she was overjoyed at how Maryland voters showed up at the polls, was declared the winner in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate Tuesday evening.

As some ballots are still being counted, it's clear that Alsobrooks' grassroots campaign paid off in a big way, energizing her supporters and the Democratic Party.

"The ones who hosted in their backyard and living rooms and invited us to coffee shops and talked to me and talked to their friends about me. All of those people deserve so much credit last night and they were there to celebrate too," Alsobrooks said.

Alsobrooks defeated her Democratic challenger, David Trone, who spent 64 million dollars of his own money on his campaign but made a unifying commitment when he conceded with grace.

"It was a very upbeat conversation with the congressman. He right away said, 'You know what, I'm there. We're gonna be unified. I'm gonna be helping to make sure that we keep Maryland blue,'" Alsobrooks said.

Keeping Maryland blue will be the task this November as Alsobrooks turns her attention to former Governor Larry Hogan, whom she has already criticized for his stance on women's reproductive rights, among other issues.

"It is also about preserving, again, democracy and freedom and understanding that he's aligned with a party that is led right now-its leader is Donald Trump," Alsobrooks said.

That messaging, along with the fight to keep Democrats in control in the U.S. Senate, will have all eyes on Maryland this November.

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