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Andy Ottley Of Chelsea FC Breaks Down USA Vs. Ghana

Andy Ottley is the International Technical Support Officer for Chelsea FC in London England, and Kevin Healey is the GM of the Baltimore Blast.

Andy and Kevin joined Ed and Steve to talk about the USA starting the World Cup tonight against Ghana.

Andy Ottley of Chelsea FC and Kevin Healey Of The Baltimore Blast

Andy began by talking about Jurgen Klinsmann's comments about the US not being a realistic World Cup contender. Andy believes that Jurgen was just telling the truth and that the USA should not worry about winning the World Cup now, they should worry about developing young players and building their future. Andy picked Brazil to win it all and doesn't believe the European teams will handle the climate well.

Blast GM Kevin Healey understand Jurgen's comments but doesn't see the usefulness of the comments at this particular time.


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