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All Aboard! Amtrak Carries Record Number Of Passengers

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Right on track. Baltimore's Penn Station is one of the busiest in the country. So busy, it's breaking records.

Jessica Kartalija explains commuters are helping pour billions into the nation's economy.

Increasing demand for a hassle-free commute is making Penn Station one of the top 10 busiest train stations in the United States.

At Baltimore's Penn Station, long lines mean big business.

"It's much easier to take the train rather than to drive.  Much, much easier," said Brock Malcom.

Ken Zaklukiewicz isn't a fan of the Ravens or a long commute.

"I don't like to drive anymore," he said. "I use mass transit. That's just the way to go."

He, like many commuters say:

"It's our easiest way of transportation," said Cody Marciniak.

"No driving, no driving, no driving," Zaklukiewicz said.

With improved service, ticket revenue in the billions and punctuality, travel by train is more popular than ever.

"We broke record ridership for the 10th time in the last 11 years with 31.6 million riders," said Christina Leeds, Amtrak.

That means more than $12.5 billion going toward the nation's economy in just two years.

One million passengers come through Baltimore's Penn Station, making Baltimore the eighth busiest station in the country.

"I go to school in Williamsburg, Va., and it's a really long drive, especially if I have to go around D.C. and Richmond.  I can sleep on the train and do work on the train," a college student said.

Amtrak had its share of problems when Superstorm Sandy flooded tunnels and tracks in the Northeast. But they're back.

As for Zaklukiewicz . . .

"I sit back and eat pizza.  Why do you want to drive?" he said

New York's Penn Station is the busiest in the country.

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