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Akia Eggleston Went Missing 2 Years Ago, Her Father Is Begging For Officials To Do More In Their Search Efforts

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- It's been two years since Akia Eggleston, who was eight months pregnant, disappeared just days before her baby shower.

Her father is on a mission to keep attention on her story until his daughter and grandson come home.

The 22-year-old from Cherry Hill was getting ready for her second child, however, her dad said that she didn't show up for her baby shower in May of 2017.

"There were no signs that any of us saw that she would just want to pack up and leave," Shawn Wilkinson, Eggleston's dad, said.

Her dad is concerned her story is slowly being forgotten. He wants police to do more.

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"We need to see if we can get another set of fresh eyes on her case," Wilkinson said. "Not just the one detective that's been working on it since the inception of the case started."

The Baltimore Police Department said they've dedicated more than 1,000 man-hours on this case. They also said this includes about a dozen detectives on the case alone.

Officials from the Baltimore Police Department said it's a combination of about a dozen subpoenas and search warrants, about 100 interviews and also the use of dogs and divers for searches.

The department said they will keep working until the job is done.

The FBI is also involved. There's a $25,000 reward.

Wilkinson said he feels the pain every day.

"I am missing a daughter and you know where your loved ones are," Wilkinson said. "You know where your daughter, your sister, your mom, whomever you care about are. I don't know where my child is and I don't know where my grandson is."

Baltimore Police have not named a person of interest in this case. They said their work still continues.

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