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Aidan Quinn Talks The Sixth Season Premiere Of 'Elementary'

Tonight "Elementary" is back with its sixth season premiere on CBS. Aidan Quinn spoke to CBS Local about what to expect from the new season, his role as Captain Gregson and what it was like directing the show.


Tonight is the sixth season premiere of "Elementary." What can we expect from the new season?

A lot of twists and turns. We're dealing with brain injuries, sex tapes, politics, oh my gosh. We got a little bit of everything.


Tell us about your character Captain Gregson. What's his relationship with Holmes and Watson? What can we expect from him?

It's probably in line with other seasons. Towards the end of the season, some very dramatic things happen. I can't reveal the exact nature of it. But I come to loggerheads. There's some dramatic competition, let's say. [laughs]


Desmond Harrington joins the cast as Michael. What was it like having him on the show?

For the most part, I didn't work with him. His scenes are with John Michael [Hill], Sherlock and Lucy. But he's a wonderful actor and I know they had a great time working with him.


Were there any standouts from production this season? What was different this time around?

We all had the great good fortune of having the opportunity to direct. We had Johnny and John Michael directing, and Lucy. It was great for all of us that we've gotten to direct. It's a whole new way of approaching the show. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed our stints as directors.


Your directorial debut was in season 5. Can you talk about the differences between being on the acting side and the directing side?

It's complicated having to do both at once. I was very lucky that the writers gave me a complete pass on the one I was directing. They took Gregson out of that episode, which was so considerate. All of the others have had to direct themselves. Obviously, you need to be incredibly prepared, and never have any hesitations with your lines when you're doing that. And you know, you're looking at how the other actors are acting while you're acting. But everyone has done it really well.


Season 6 of 'Elementary' airs tonight at 10/9c on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.

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