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Aaron Wilson Believes Ray Rice Can Play Again

Aaron Wilson From The Baltimore Sun Joins Scott Jeremy And Jason

Aaron Wilson from Baltimore Sun joins Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan

From Sunday's game until today, the Ravens have been under a great deal of stress leading up to tomorrow's game against the Steelers. "The Ravens have to be dialed in," said Wilson. "The players are feeling stress, [but] not as stressed as the people involved or the people that have to make the decisions."

Scott and Jeremy discussed with Aaron Wilson his thoughts on how the league handled the Ray Rice situation. Wilson stated "if they had the video sooner, he wouldn't be employed. We knew he knocked her out in February, but I think the video caused shock value. According to Wilson, the Ravens did the right thing. His thoughts were the Ravens would lose a large portion of their fan base. From a football stand point they hurt themselves. It cost them financially for next year.

Aaron Wilson gave the example of Michael Vick as to whether Ray Rice will be welcomed back into the NFL. "I believe he does have another chance because Michael Vick plays today. He murdered and tortured dogs. He also went to jail. Not comparing the two, they're both deplorable acts. He plays football again and does things for the Humane society. He is on his second team [since] that incident," said Wilson. "He can play again, but he will be an older running back. There will be a team that will want him again and there will be a spot for him, unless he tries to fight this or embarrass the league in some way, then won't be rehired" added Wilson.

Ravens are going to want to run the ball more tomorrow night against the Steelers. There is a division of labor between Forsett and Bernard. "The issue is, 'do you really have a feature running back?' Bernard needs to step up" said Wilson. "The emotions this week, and all the distractions, has been tough for the Ravens players." "It's been a zoo with extra media and they're under tremendous pressure. One guy gets in trouble and it affects the other players reputation," Wilson added.
Wilson thinks the Ravens will definitely be taking their aggression out on the Steelers. "It comes down to turovers and running the football," Wilson said. "Joe Flacco just needs to calm down because he can play much better than he did on Sunday."

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