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Aaron Nagler Joins Scott And Jeremy To Talk NFL

Aaron Nagler Joins Scott And Jeremy To Talk NFL

Aaron Nagler joins Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn on 105.7 The Fan.

So what is going on with Johnny Manziel? Will he be playing week 1? According to Nagler, he should be starting for the Browns week 1.

The Eagles this season do not look like a huge factor with their questionable defense and secondary's. Last season the Eagles would be up with 20-24 points in the first half, then just pray they make it through with a win.

The Houston Texans are having a little trouble, as well, with Andre Johnson still in the headlines. Either way, no matter what happens, Nagler predicts that the "very talented player," will be there in the first game of the season for the Texans. This is an annual thing for Johnson, never happy with the contract or the state of the team.

Another talented played, Brandon Flowers, was cut from the Chiefs. It is highly doubtful that he will unemployed for long. Apparently two teams, the Ravens and the Vikings are both interested in him. He will be back, somewhere just not with the Chiefs.

So who are the contenders for both the NFC and the AFC? Apparently the NFC holds a ton of contenders while only two teams from the AFC are the only ones that Nagler sees. The two teams are the Broncos and of course the Patriots. Nagler also said that he would not be surprised if the Steelers are a contender in the AFC. Nagler said that, "Roethlisberge is good….he is the best in the league." A few of Aaron Nagler's favorites are the Bears and the Packers. It would also be good to see Lions step up with their new coaching staff.

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